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  • About Anna

    Founder of Celebration of Birth, Anna Watts, is affectionately known as the ‘Wise Woman of Doulas’ or ‘Mama Doula’, she has been guiding women and their partners through the journey of pregnancy and birth for over 30 years. Anna believes in honouring and celebrating birth as a ‘rite of passage’ for mother, father and baby, supporting empowered birthing choices and strengthening the spiritual connection in pregnancy and birth.

    Anna’s experience as a Childbirth Educator, Doula Trainer, Prenatal Yoga Teacher, Spiritual Healer, Counsellor and mother of two beautiful daughters both born at home – one a water birth – brings a depth and grounded warmth to her teaching. Anna recently became a newborn grandmother. In the Maga season of her life, she is delighting in supporting her family to blossom and flourish by holding true holistic care at the centre of wellbeing for future generations. The red thread lineage continues to be grounded in deep trust for birthing wisdom.

    In 2009 Anna established the Celebration of Birth Doula Academy offering professional training to Birth and Post-natal Doulas. She has an on-going commitment to personal growth and spiritual development in all aspects of life.

    Co-Author of ‘Birthing the Spirit’ – Guide to Conscious Conception, Pregnancy and Birth – a beautiful set of cards with guidebook offering inspiration and guidance to support the spiritual connection at this transformative time. Many birth practitioners, pre-natal yoga teachers and doulas use this valuable tool in their work.

    Anna is a passionate traveller and has spent time teaching, learning and assisting in birth communities around the world, including the FreMo Birth Centre, Nairobi, Kenya; Da-a-Luz Midwifery School, Andalucia, Spain; Midwife & Doula Community, Queretaro, Mexico. Sharing women’s wisdom with a diverse range of birth professionals has greatly enahanced Anna’s birthing knowledge and the way she passes on holistic skills to both pregnant women and doulas alike.

    Anna’s qualifications include:

    • Diploma Childbirth Education & Birth Support/Doula (Birthing Rites Australia 1992)
    • Doula Trainer facilitating professional doula training since 2009
    • Member of Doula Network Australia – national association of doulas
    • Creating Amazing Space in the Pelvis 2021 Jenny Blyth 3-day Immersion
    • Birth Art Mentor – Birthing From Within 2020
    • Diploma in Counselling 2013
    • Cert.IV in Training and Assessment – Doula Trainer & Mentor
    • Diploma of Yoga Teaching (specialising in Prenatal Yoga since 1989)
    • Guest Teacher – Bliss Baby Yoga (Prenatal & Women’s Yoga Teacher Trainings)
    • Author – ‘Birthing the Spirit’ Cards/Guidebook and Relaxation for Pregnancy & Birth Yoga Nidra CD/Download
    • Childbirth Education Class Facilitator for more than 30 years
    • Women’s Circle & Rites of Passage Facilitator since 1992


    Doula Conference Australia 2023 – Presentation “To Grow Yourself, You Must Know Yourself”

    Doula Conference Australia 2021 – Presentation “What’s Self-Love Got to do With It?”

    Doula Conference Australia 2020 – Presentation ‘The Art of Being More by Doing Less”

    Doula Conference Australia 2019 – Workshop ‘Chakra Birthing Wisdom’ & member of Conference Committee

    Doula Conference Australia 2018 – Panel Member ‘Doulas Avoiding Burnout’





    Anna has been a guest on the following Pregnancy Birth & Beyond Media Podcasts, click link to listen

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Back in 1988, Anna began her training in the yogic tradition, during this time she conceived her first child and began to specialise in pre-natal yoga. One of the most valuable gifts of Satyananda teaching is the practice of Yoga Nidra – a process of deep relaxation and awareness. When practiced regularly, this technique is extremely beneficial to the pregnant woman and her unborn child. Anna has recorded a Yoga Nidra Downloads especially for pregnancy and birth and new motherhood. Anna lives in the Byron Shire, Northern NSW, Australia. Since 2009 she has shared her birthing wisdom through the Celebration of Birth Doula Academy programmes – face-to-face and online training, with ongoing mentoring for those wishing to become a doula.

Birthing Events & Workshops

Anna is an inspiring Guest Speaker, she is available both in Australia and internationally, for pregnancy groups, birthing events, doula workshops, teacher trainings, women’s festivals and more. If you would like to gather a group in your location please contact Anna to discuss your event.