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Birth Education

A conscious, connected and joyful birth experience involves preparation at all levels of your being.  Holistic Birth Education encompasses the Emotional – Physical – Mental – Spiritual aspects of giving birth and becoming parents.  A birth preparation session can include information and education, counselling and healing – an opportunity to share your feelings, express any fears and gain clarity on your personal pregnancy and birth journey.

A wide range of topics can be covered, here’s some ideas –

  • Pregnancy as Transformation – embracing the changing body and enhancing the ‘in-utero’ connection with your baby, learn valuable tools for mother/baby bonding
  • Couples Connection – strengthening your relationship and connection as a couple as you prepare for all the love and joy parenting will bring
  • Healthy Support – developing more trust in women’s wisdom and your instinctual ability to give birth. For fathers – how to support an empowering birth experience.
  • Managing Birth Naturally – What is Active Birth and its benefits. Understanding the stages of labour, optimal birth positions, waterbirth, and welcoming the baby
  • The ‘LOVE’ Hormone – blissful birth – a real possibility! How healthy birthing hormones work. Encouraging more confidence in the birthing process
  • Medical Intervention – when is it appropriate? Evidence based up-to-date information on safe birthing practices and how to make educated and empowered choices
  • Relaxation & Visualisation – exploring the many benefits of deep relaxation (Yoga Nidra) for both mother and baby
  • Healing Past Birth Experiences – an opportunity to ‘de-brief’ your previous birth and receive guidance and healing before the conception or birth of your next child

Making the decision to explore the unknown territory of birthing takes courage and commitment – commitment to yourself, your partner, your baby – to make the most of the sacred and magical time of pregnancy.

“I so wish that we had known about Celebration of Birth before our daughter was born. I highly recommend it as an immensely valuable step to ensuring your own wellbeing, as well as that of your unborn child.”   John W. Travis, MD, MPH, co-founder Alliance for Transforming the Lives of Children (ATLC)

You can enjoy a private birth education and preparation session in the comfort of your own home or via Skype at a time to suit you.

Contact Anna for a free 15 minute chat or to arrange an appointment

Private Sessions – payment can be made by direct deposit or Paypal

One-to-one Birth Education session– 1.5 hours –- $150 see the online shop

Special Package

3 personal sessions for Conception, Pregnancy, Birth Preparation or Post-natal support to be enjoyed at any stage of your pregnancy

Plus a FREE Pregnancy Relaxation & Meditation Download – $375 Please see the online shop