CHAKRA BIRTHING – Sacred Birth Wisdom On-line Course




Chakra Woman

The SACRED BIRTH WISDOM comprehensive on-line course is for you if – 

  • You are ready to prepare for the optimum birth experience
  • You desire to give birth in your full feminine presence
  • You understand an holistic approach to birth preparation is beneficial to birth outcomes
  • You wish to enhance your existing Birth Education or Prenatal Yoga practice 
  • You are healing from a previous birth experience and want to feel more confident for your next birth
  • You value new ways to educate and support your yoga students, doula or childbirth education clients

In this new on-line course you will learn the sacred birth wisdom of the chakras, the benefits of  holistic preparation during pregnancy and how this will support a more positive birth experience.



The chakras are known as ‘wheels of light’ or the ‘ 7 Gateways’ – dynamic energy centres where we can access the wisdom within. Ascending through each of the chakras is a journey of self-exploration and personal power. This course will guide you to strengthen your intuitive awareness and learn new tools to connect with your inner birthing guidance.

  • PREGNANT WOMEN, PARTNERS, SUPPORT PEOPLE – you understand that giving birth is more than simply a physical process, your’re ready to explore the spiritual aspects of birth and learn the benefits of balancing the chakras as you prepare to welcome your baby.
  • DOULAS, PRENATAL YOGA TEACHERS, CHILDBIRTH EDUCATORS, MIDWIVES – you are keen to learn new ways to support your clients/students in holistic birth preparation. You know there is more to birth preparation than reading a few books or attending a hospital birth class… you wish to prepare pregnant women for a more conscious, empowered and fulfilling birth experience.


you will learn –

  • The essential energies of the chakras, how they support  pregnancy and giving birth
  • Greater confidence to make empowered birth choices
  • Tools to feel more prepared and balanced for birthing
  • Connection with new insights and spiritual awareness  for birth and beyond
  • How to strengthen the mother-baby bond
  • Relaxing meditations and visualisations
  • To feel ready for birthing and excited to welcome your baby!


you will also learn – 

  • A deeper understanding of the chakras and their relationship with birth
  • How your clients/students can connect with the chakras for personal insights
  • New ideas to identify areas for further exploration with your clients
  • How to support a more spiritually connected birth experience
  • Tools for teaching a new perspective of birth education

The comprehensive course is guided by Anna Watts, Sacred Birth Educator, Doula Trainer & Prenatal Yoga Teacher. Anna shares her many years of wisdom and experience of working with the chakras for holistic birth preparation – physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually – to support the optimum birth experience. The Celebration of Birth vision is for the spiritual aspects of birth to be recognised and honoured to support more conscious birthing choices and positive birth outcomes.


  • 7 x HOLISTIC BIRTH EDUCATION CLASSES – video tutorials, one for each chakra, you may choose to work consecutively from the 1st (Base) to the 7th (Crown) chakra, or to explore the classes in your own way and to suit your own timing.
  • 7 x GUIDED MEDITATIONS – separate downloadable files of the relaxing guided meditations, one for each chakra, to listen to in your own time and to revisit whenever you choose. Meditations include a full yoga nidra guided Pregnancy Relaxation and a connecting with your inner ‘Birthing Goddess’ or ‘Wise Doula’ meditation.
  • 7 x CHAKRA JOURNAL PROFILES – to print out if you wish, for self-exploration and journaling as you progress through the course (pdf documents). If you are a Birth Professional you can use these documents to support birth preparation sessions and build relationships with your clients.
  • 7 x BIRTH AFFIRMATIONS – beautiful images, one for each chakra, to enhance positive beliefs as you prepare for birth or to print out and keep.
  • PLUS additional progress videos; Practical Tools and Spiritual Wisdom, tips and ideas for creating the optimum environment to birth your baby, or to support pregnant women in holistic birth preparation.

The course is based on Anna Watts’ wide experience over the last 30 years as a Childbirth & Doula Educator, Prenatal Yoga Teacher, it includes over 7 hours of video and audio material.

Gain more personal insights and individual guidance ~ add a 1:1 session to your birth preparation programme!


Anywhere in the world via Skype!

A conscious, connected and joyful birth experience involves preparation on all levels. Holistic Birth Education encompasses the Emotional – Physical – Mental – Spiritual aspects of giving birth and becoming a parent.

An on-line Chakra Balancing session gives spiritual guidance and insights for creating greater harmony in both the energy body and the chakras, including grounding and healing (releasing past birth experiences) to feel more confident and ready to give birth to your baby.

An on-line Birth Preparation session may include – discussing your plans for birth and parenting, providing a range of education and information on the birth options most suited to your needs. Answering your questions about pregnancy, labour and birth, as well as the joyous – sometimes anxious – early days of parenting. Most women/couples enjoy these sessions as an opportunity to share your feelings, express any fears and gain clarity on your personal pregnancy and birth journey.

A perfect ‘Refresher’ if you are preparing for the birth of your next baby… an opportunity to review your previous birth experience and focus on what’s important for the coming birth.

Contact Anna to arrange an appointment – 0421 510512

Private Sessions – payment can be made by direct deposit or Paypal

One-to-one Chakra Balancing or Birth Education session– 1.5 hours –- $150


Make your payment through the on-line shop then Contact to confirm date/time.

Special Package

3 x one hour personal sessions for Conception, Pregnancy, Birth Preparation or Post-natal support to be enjoyed at any stage of your pregnancy
Plus a BONUS Birth Visualisation Download – $375