Doula Directory

This Doula Directory lists ‘Celebration of Birth’ Doulas who have completed their training, as well as Trainee Doulas who offer their services in exchange for the opportunity to support at your birth.

Many Doulas have skills in other areas, such as massage, naturopathy or pre-natal yoga.  Engaging a Trainee Doula is an opportunity for you to benefit from her other expertise as well as receiving birth support.

Most Doulas offer an initial (obligation free) meeting to get to know each other – at this meeting you can ask her about her experience, her beliefs around birth and an outline of the services she provides. It’s a good idea to meet more than one Doula before making your decision.




Hi my name is Carol, I am very passionate about my role as a doula, helping to support Mothers-to-be into the ‘rite of passage’ into Motherhood. I believe birth outcome is largely determined by “prenatal care”, we know that we cannot control the outcome of birth, but within every woman they have the womb wisdom to birth. As somewhere deep inside every woman is a deep knowing, even if its barley conscious, that giving birth is a multi-layered, *mystery!.

As a doula, I can help you, bring your deepest intentions, with encouragement & support, to help you move into a space within , to be flexible, to open you, to ground you & enrich you in ways that you cannot imagine. Bringing connection and understanding as you move through each transition within pregnancy & birth , in modern expression of life’s most profound experience, beginning with how you prepare to give birth.

Earth Mother Birth Doula Toowoomba & Surrounding Areas QLD Ph: 0481356806


Hi, my name is Gheine and I have been blessed with 6 children – 5 girls and 1 boy.  I have a lot of my own birth experiences under my belt.  As a Doula I am passionate about providing continuous physical, emotional and spiritual support when pregnant, to birth and after birth.  I can provide hands-on comfort, praise and encouragement during pregnancy and birth in hospital, home or a birthing centre.  I have the ability to provide comfort with pain relief techniques including breathing, relaxation and labouring positions.  I have skills in massage, aromatherapy, pranic healing and vibrational medicine.  If you would like to have a Doula at your birth or know anyone who would like one feel free to contact me.  May we continue to heal the Earth one Birth at a time.

Ghneine Lardelli-Koster, 0403 945182 – Maryborough/Hervey Bay and surrounding areas.  Facebook – Mama & Bubba Doula Care



I’m Tara Luca, doula and mother to three wild and wonderful little girls. As a doula my goal is to assist you to have a positive birth experience however you define it. I am there to hold the space, provide support, reassurance, advocacy and guidance in accordance with each woman’s individual desires.

For me, being a doula is about holding mothers and babies at the centre of their own experience. I hope to ensure that no matter what course the pregnancy and birth may take,it is held with great reverence as a sacred right of passage.  It will be remembered for a lifetime!
Tara Luca, 0439 605 333  Lismore & Surrounding Areas


My role as a Birth Keeper and Earth Healer.  “I see birth as an extraordinary Rite of Passage. An opportunity for a profound spiritual experience leading to great transformation and the activation of the gifts each baby will bring a woman during pregnancy, birth and beyond.  From this place of honour I like supporting a birthing woman.”

I am passionate about general well-being and specifically facilitating healing for birth.  I am a mother of two, both my babies born at home in water.  I am a massage therapist, pregnancy yoga teacher, incorporate essential oils during my massage.  I have studied the basics of Ayurveda, Personal Development (NLP) and embrace meditation, dance, movement in my every day life.

Being highly intuitive, I am comfortably, effectively and gracefully holding space for the pregnant woman through labour and birth.  I am working differently with each woman as I recognise the unique essence of us all.

Cecile Dehant, 0406 310 404  Byron Bay & Surrounding Areas


I am in service to you as a mother, doula and therapist, and honour the wisdom birthing two souls into the world has given me. As a trainee doula, I offer free support during your pregnancy and birth. I am grounded in my Self, my body and the Earth and bring this into my practice so you know I am there for you. Birth is a rite-of-passage and I endeavour to facilitate this. I give you knowledge and options so you can make choices that are truly right for you. I advocate for Mothers and have a client-centred approach.

Additional services: Therapy sessions for individuals/couples around pregnancy, birth and parenting (or any other areas of life!), Relaxing Kahuna Bodywork sessions to facilitate the release of emotions and trauma.

Kien Hannah – 0469 174983 Byron Shire Area  Email Facebook Kien Wolfy Hannah