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Doula Tips for Comfort in Birth and Beyond

By September 29, 2014July 2nd, 2018News

Doula and new mum, Gaby Tudor, shares her tips for comfort and support during labour and the early days of parenting.  During her long labour Gaby had plenty of opportunity to try out all the natural comfort measures she had prepared, as well as being fully supported by her partner, doula and midwives.

For Labour & Birth:

  • Red Raspberry Ice Cubes – full strength raspberry leaf tea (2 tablespoons made with half a litre of boiling water) sit for at least 6 hours to make an infusion. When cool put into ice cube tray. Allow to melt in mouth during labour
  • Coconut water for re-hydration contains magnesium to prevent cramping
  • Labour aid for electrolytes (sugar/salt/bi-carbonate of soda/lemon juice)
  • Bone broth soup or Miso soup if vegetarian, for nourishment and to maintain energy
  • Hot washers (at least 10) – half fill a slow cooker with water put on lowest setting and add more cold water as necessary. Add a few drops of lavender and clary sage essential oils (clary sage can stimulate contractions so do not use in pregnancy). Squeeze out and use to relieve pain during contractions on lower back and tummy
  • Cool washers – wet and put in freezer for cooling forehead or neck
  • Oil diffuser with essential oils for labour or birth (a combination of Lavender/Clary Sage/Geranium is lovely)
  • Natural massage oil – Lavender is a favourite – to massage lower back or pressure points for labour
  • Spray bottle with essential oils (birthing spray) for cooling face and the environment
  • Rescue Remedy for grounding, fear or shock
  • Homeopathic Remedies for birth – consult your local Homeopath
  • Ice blocks – fresh lime, ginger and mint – cooling and settling for the stomach
  • Nettle Tea infusion – nutritious and high in Vitamin K
  • Birth ball to rotate hips, relax during labour
  • Yoga mats and towels on the floor
  • Yoga block or low meditation stool for support when squatting
  • Plenty of healthy nourishing food on hand – mainly for the birth support team
  • Positive support and encouragement from your birth team
  • Choose your birth support team with people you totally trust and who believe unconditionally in your ability to give birth


For after the Birth:

  • Read up on the 4th Trimester – the first three months after birth
  • Peri-pads – to help heal the perineum – soak maternity pads in witch hazel, wrap in foil and place in freezer. Very soothing for a swollen or sutured perineum after birth
  • Buy the softest toilet tissue to be gentle on perineum
  • Rub coconut oil to rub on your belly for stretch marks or healing scar tissue
  • Ensure you have support from your midwife, lactation consultant or the Australian Breastfeeding Association
  • For sore nipples – express a little breast milk and massage around nipple and air dry after feeding
  • Placenta encapsulation to support regulation of hormones, energy levels and boost lactation
  • Share or de-brief your birth story with a trusted friend (seek professional support if needed)
  • Reach out to other new mums to create a support group, mother’s circle or supportive network of mums


PLEASE NOTE – These natural comfort measures are not intended to replace the advice of a medical professional.