Sacred Birth Doula Training

BYRON BAY - 3-6 MAY 2018 

SYDNEY - 20-23 SEPTEMBER 2018 

- with Anna Watts, Childbirth Educator, Doula Trainer (Aus) & Guest Teachers

The Celebration of Birth Doula Academy has been offering professional Doula Training since 2011, we believe giving birth is a sacred ‘rite of passage’ – an initiation into a whole new way of being in life as parents. Yet in many cultures today, birth is more out of control and disconnected from the deep source of knowing, trusting and woman-centred care than ever before. Now it is time to turn the tides and reclaim holistic birth practices!

The evidence shows that when a Doula provides continuous support in labour, the birth outcomes for both mother and baby are more likely to be better and the post-partum period more healthy. If you are ready to join the wave of birth professionals making a difference to women, families and future generations, read on...

SACRED BIRTH DOULA TRAINING is for you if you are -

  • Passionate to follow your heart and offer holistic mother-centred support to women and families on the transformational journey of pregnancy, birth and becoming parents.
  • Believe in birth as an opportunity for inner exploration, growth and empowerment and wish to support informed choices for the most fulfilling experience possible.
  • Honour the spiritual aspects of conception, pregnancy and birth and celebrate them as stepping stones along the path of parenting our children in a more conscious and connected way.
  • Ready to take the next step to become an exceptional Doula - you understand this takes commitment, enthusiasm, focus and self-motivation, with the back-up of professional mentoring and peer support. 
  • Excited to develop your own business with your unique offerings and the expertise most aligned with your personal vision and career goals.

In this intensive face-to-face training you will learn a range of inspirational tools to give you the foundation and knowledge to become a Doula for pregnancy and birth, including educational, experiential, creative and healing processes. Practices you will be able to share with your clients immediately.

As a Trainee Doula or Birth Professional you will feel confident and empowered to support pregnant women/couples, generate feelings of trust in the birth process and clarity for conscious birth choices.

This 4-day professional training offers valuable face-to-face learning, personal development and support for those wishing to work with pregnant and birthing women. You will be able to work with clients immediately, a Certificate of Attendance is given on completion of the workshop. You will also have access to a private FACEBOOK GROUP - an active forum to stay connected, be up-to-date in all thing birthing and receive support from experienced doulas.

Enjoy FREE personal Mentoring & Guidance as you complete the required three student doula births to receive your Certificate of Completion. (There is NO time limit to completion of your training). 

HAVE QUESTIONS?  Contact us now, or see or FAQs Doula Training.

You may already be working as a Pre-natal Yoga Teacher, Doula, Childbirth Educator, Midwife, Naturopath or Massage Therapist, however, NO previous pregnancy/birth experience is necessary to attend the training.

This training covers a wide range of topics, including - 

  • Role of a Doula - herstory, guidelines, doula/client agreement, scope of practice
  • Pregnancy as Transformation – conscious conception, embracing the changing body and enhancing the ‘in-utero’ connection with baby, learn valuable tools for birth preparation
  • Healthy Support – developing more trust in women’s wisdom & being ‘present’ to support an empowering experience for mother, father and baby
  • Relaxation & Visualisation – exploring the many benefits of deep relaxation (Yoga Nidra) to enhance the mother-baby bond.
  • Managing Birth Naturally – Active Birth and its benefits. Understanding the stages of labour, optimal birth positions, waterbirth, and welcoming the baby.  Practical tools for birth.
  • The ‘LOVE’ Hormone - blissful birth - a real possibility! Encouraging more confidence in the birthing process and the beneficial hormones of labour.
  • Medical Intervention - understanding when it is appropriate. Supporting your clients to make educated and empowered choices.
  • Rituals for Birth - how to facilitate meaningful rituals for your clients, including Blessing Way/Mother Blessing.
  •  Setting up you Doula Business - how to design and package your unique offerings to attract the clients most suited to you and your lifestyle. 
  • Personal Growth - self-development and working with pregnancy/birth as self-transformation, on-going support for your own growth and healing.

The small group face-to-face learning environment also offers additional support if you are undertaking on-line or distant learning as a Doula or Childbirth Educator. For those who have already undertaken Pre-natal Yoga or Doula Training this workshop will enhance your skills and give you fresh inspiration as a sacred birth worker. Ask about special rates to attend as a 'Refresher' student.

Why do Face-to-Face training?

As a Doula you will be working with pregnant women and their families during one of the most meaningful times of their lives – it is a privilege and a blessing to share this intimate time with your clients and one that requires a high level of personal awareness. The necessary level of personal exploration and growth simply cannot be learned from books or on-line.
For this reason the ‘Celebration of Birth’ Doula Training is only offered as a face-to-face, four day Training with comprehensive follow-up mentoring and support as you complete the practical aspects of becoming a Doula in your own location.

“I highly recommend this training to anyone that is feeling called to be a Doula! This training is beautifully facilitated by Anna....through her experience as a Doula and a Childbirth Educator, she shares the wisdom one needs to receive to become a confident, supportive and beautiful Doula.” Natasha Hain, Pre-natal Yoga Teacher, Massage Therapist & Doula

Anna Watts is a professional Childbirth Educator & Doula Trainer who has been working with pregnant women/couples for over 28 years; her wide experience includes Diploma in Childbirth Education, Diploma in Counselling, Cert IV Training & Assessment, trainer of pre-natal yoga teachers, doulas, facilitating birth classes, pre-natal yoga and supporting many births as a doula. Read more about Anna.

"The training exceeded my expectations in the holistic and spiritual approach to being a doula.  As a woman without children, I found the topics around possibilities (e.g. medical interventions) very helpful information I will definitely need to know.  Such a great training and exploration."
Veronica Clarke, Artist & Doula

DetailsBYRON BAY, Ewingsdale - 1.30pm Thursday 3rd May - 4.30pm Sunday 6th May 2018.
DetailsSYDNEY - 2018 Dates TBA - Express your interest here



$1250 Cost includes a comprehensive Training Manual and on-going Support & Mentoring to complete 3 Births as a student Doula with Case Study assignments and confidently launch your Doula Business

SPECIAL RATES - $1150 for Bliss Baby Students/Early Bird (Early bird payment received 1 month prior to course start) 


For existing Doulas, Student Midwives or Pregnant Women, who wish to attend the face-to-face workshop for your own personal or professional development - $650 (Early Bird paid one month prior) $750 (Full Price) - includes comprehensive Doula Manual.

This workshop offers the opportunity to dive deeper into all things birthing, as a professional it supports greater connection with your soul path and the unique gifts you offer at this transformational time. For pregnant women it will give you the clarity and confidence to make the most holistic choices for your birth experience, heal and release any fears to enhance early bonding as you welcome your baby with joy!  Please contact us to discuss this option BEFORE registering. If you wish to continue the Mentoring module this can be added at a later date. 

"Great as a 'Doula Refresher' and for anyone who works with pregnant women who would like more awareness and understanding of the sacredness of birth and how to be with a woman and her partner on their journey"  Lara Martin, Experienced Doula & Student Midwife

REGISTER NOW! Payment of the $200 Deposit will confirm your place - HERE

Payment – Full payment or $200 deposit (non-refundable) through on-line Shop or bank transfer to confirm your place -

Bank Details - Westpac Byron Pregnancy Retreat - BSB 032-573 A/C 172068
Bookings – Limited places - bookings essential
Contact – Anna - 0421 510512

"I found the personal processes that tapped into each individual's journey, strengths, fears, most valuable.  I feel this is the most important thing to prepare you to hold space for others. The course was everything I hoped for, there was the right amount of theory and a perfect balance of content." Eleanor Amiradaki, Experienced Doula attending as a Refresher

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