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Healing Birth Trauma

Birth is a magical and mysterious journey… and it rarely goes ‘according to plan’!

As a Doula, Childbirth Educator and Counsellor for over 28 years, working with women who have chosen to give birth in a variety of settings, there is one certainty I have come to know about each woman’s unique experience of birth – ‘there is always something unexpected’.

These unexpected events during labour and birth may be the catalyst to leave you feeling disappointed, angry, powerless or fearful of ever giving birth again. Often in this situation, the response from others may be along the lines of “be thankful you have a healthy baby and just move on…”

Sadly, ‘moving on’ does not allow for you to express and resolve your feelings or create the space for healing to take place. Giving birth is one of the most significant events of your life and you deserve to be honoured, respected and supported to take positive steps towards acknowledging, accepting and making peace with your birth experience.

During a Healing Birth session, we will work on all levels – emotionally, physically, spiritually – to explore the story of your birth. You will have the opportunity to express your feelings in a safe and confidential space, we will draw on a combination of counselling and energy healing tools to bring resolution, balance and peace.

Mothers report that receiving birth healing themselves can also flow through to their baby or child, helping to heal and strengthen their experience of mother-baby bonding.

Contact Anna to book an appointment after making payment. NOTE: there is currently limited availability for personal sessions, please contact before making payment for your session.

Healing Traumatic Birth Session – 1.5 hours –- $150 make payment here online shop