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Professional mentoring and guidance is an important aspect of developing your skills as a Doula.

The Celebration of Birth Doula Academy provides FREE Doula Mentoring to students undertaking the Sacred Birth Doula Training with Anna Watts or one of our experienced Doula Mentors to ensure you receive the highest level of training and integration, as you complete the required student births to receive your Certificate of Completion. There is no time limit to completing your trainee births.


As a Doula you may feel the need for professional support, perhaps to debrief a birth or to explore ways to expand your practice whilst maintaining work/life balance.

If you have had a break from doula work and would like to reconnect and focus on returning to the doula path a mentoring session will give you the clarity and confidence to take the next step.

We offer confidential mentoring sessions by phone or Skype – from $95 – payment can be made through the Shop here.

Or contact us for more information HERE

Mentoring Feedback“I specifically loved the energy clearing with the mentor sessions. This experience taught me tools that I can use to ground and clear my own energy surrounding birth. It also showed me that I can use this with birthing women in their pregnancy appointments as well as post partum to work through anything that may be coming up or blocking them. Thank you for your amazing mentorship. I will always hold this beautiful beginning to my doula journey in my heart.Jasmin Wickham, Birth Doula