BIRTHING VISUALISATION (track 2 for download)


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This specialised pregnancy practice has been created by Childbirth Educator & Pre-natal Yoga Teacher, Anna Watts, giving you simple tools to release stress and support your pregnancy and birth experience. The visualisation exercises nurture and relax you, allowing you to affirm your birthing vision. The accompanying music gives you lots of time to relax and empowers you to create the space to focus on your coming birth experie

This beautifully guided Birthing Visualisation takes you through each stage of labour, gives you an insight of what to expect during the birth experience and completes with the welcoming of your baby. An opportunity to use your imagination to create a safe birthing space within… leading to feelings of confidence and clarity for giving birth.
Practice when you are ready to focus on your birth vision. A helpful tool to use with your partner or doula (birth support person) when making your Birth Plan.

Birthing Visualisation – Track 2 – 19 mins

CD BONUS MUSIC TRACKS – Also available when you download complete CD
Relaxation Music – Track 3 – 14 mins
Birthing Music – Track 4 – 14 mins

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