‘Celebration of Birth’ Birth Education DVD


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An inspiring presentation to increase the awareness of the natural birthing process – a valuable educational tool for pregnant women, midwives, doulas and all those interested in birth.

Presented as a Childbirth Education class, Anna Watts shares her birthing wisdom in an informative, down to earth and empowering way for pregnant women and their partners.

This birth presentation uses a pelvic model and fetal doll to demonstrate the journey of the mother and baby – from pre-labour through first stage or active labour, transition, moving through the birth canal and out into mother’s arms. Third stage (delivery of the placenta) and a discussion on early bonding with the baby follow.

  • Stages of labour and what to expect
  • Tools for managing natural birth
  • How to support labour and birth
  • Managing posterior labour
  • Breech birth
  • The role of the Doula (support person)
  • Mother/baby bonding

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