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NOTE – Full fees$2500 – includes 4 day face-to-face Birth Doula training IMMERSION, plus personal mentoring as you attend the required births to receive your certificate of completion. Pay the $400 deposit to reserve your place, balance due by 31st January. PLUS BONUS access to our comprehensive ONLINE Holistic Doula Training material to download and keep.

You will also receive BONUS access to our comprehensive ONLINE Holistic Doula Training material to download and keep.

Refresher/Personal Development$1650 – includes 4 day face-to-face Birth Doula training IMMERSION (does not include mentoring)

Giving birth is a sacred ‘rite of passage’ – an initiation into a whole new way of being in life as a parent. Yet in many cultures today, birth is more out of control and disconnected from the deep source of knowing and trusting in ‘spirit’ and the power of women’s intuition than ever before.

Now it is time to reclaim birth as an opportunity for transformational growth and empowerment. To honour the spiritual aspects of conception, pregnancy and birth and celebrate them as stepping stones along the path of parenting our children in a more conscious and connected way.

In this intensive training you will learn a range of inspirational tools to enhance your work with pregnant and birthing women, including educational, experiential, creative and healing processes.

You will feel more empowered to support pregnant women/couples, generate feelings of trust in the birth process and clarity for conscious birth choices.

  • Pregnancy as Transformation – embracing the changing body and enhancing the ‘in-utero’ connection with baby, learn invaluable tools for birth
  • Healthy Supportdeveloping more trust in women’s wisdom & being ‘present’ to support an empowering experience for mother, father and baby
  • Relaxation & Visualisation – exploring the many benefits of deep relaxation (Yoga Nidra) for both mother and baby
  • Managing Birth Naturally What is Active Birth and its benefits. Understanding the stages of labour, optimal birth positions, waterbirth, and welcoming the baby
  • The ‘LOVE’ Hormone blissful birth – a real possibility! Encouraging more confidence in the birthing process
  • Medical Intervention – when is it appropriate? Making educated and empowered choices
  • Personal Growth working with pregnancy/birth – setting up your Doula Business. On-going support for your own growth and healing

This course offers a valuable face-to-face professional development and support for those working with pregnant and birthing women, including Pre-natal Yoga Teachers, Doulas, Childbirth Educators, Midwives, Naturopaths, Massage Therapists. The small group face-to-face learning environment also offers additional support if you are undertaking on-line or distant training as a Doula or Childbirth Educator.

For those who have already undertaken Pre-natal Yoga or Doula Training this workshop will enhance your skills and give you fresh inspiration as a sacred birth worker.  Ask about special rates to attend as a ‘Refresher’ student.

 Why do Face-to-Face training? As a Doula you will be working with pregnant women and their families during one of the most meaningful times of their lives – it is a privilege and a blessing to share this intimate time with your clients and one that requires a high level of personal awareness. The necessary level of personal exploration and growth simply cannot be learned from books or on-line.

For this reason the ‘Celebration of Birth’ Doula Training is only offered as a face-to-face, four day Training with comprehensive follow-up mentoring and support as you complete the practical aspects of becoming a Doula in your own location.

Anna Watts is a professional Childbirth Educator & Doula Trainer who has been working with pregnant women/couples for over 20 years; her wide experience includes Diploma in Childbirth Education, Diploma in Counselling, Cert IV Training & Assessment, training pre-natal yoga teachers, doulas, facilitating birth classes, pre-natal yoga and supporting many births as a doula. Anna believes birth is a sacred ‘rite of passage’ and has developed ‘Celebration of Birth’ Pregnancy Retreats to encourage the honouring of this special time for mother, father and baby. Read more about Anna.

Where – BRUNSWICK HEADS, Northern NSW, Australia and other locations from time to time 

 Cost – $2200 Cost includes a comprehensive Training Manual and on-going support & mentoring to complete Trainee Birth Support assignments and confidently launch your Doula Business

 Payment Options– $4000 deposit or Full payment (Select above). Both securely via PayPal where you can pay via credit card or direct bank transfer.

 Bookings – Limited places – bookings essential

 Contact – through this form if you have questions & we will respond asap

Terms & Conditions


Payment of the deposit on registration is to confirm your place and is non-refundable.
Registrations are transferable up to 30 days prior to commencement of training. You may
transfer your registration to another person not already enrolled in the training during this

Cancellation more than 60 days prior the training, will receive a full refund of all monies
paid, LESS a $100 administration fee.

Cancellation between 60 and 30 days prior to the training, will forfeit the deposit plus
50% of balance of fees due/full payment.

Cancellation less than 30 days prior to the training, will be liable for the full course fees.
In exceptional circumstances, cancellation within 30 days of the training, will only receive a
refund at the discretion of the organisers if the place can be filled.

Payment Plans are to be paid in full once training has commenced, regardless of nonattendance. Exceptional circumstances reviewed on an individual basis.

If you wish to cancel please advise in writing by email or through this form.

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