Anna Watts – Childbirth & Doula Educator

Armando Ornano – Bansuri flute

Track 1 – 20.50 mins

Enjoy a classical Yoga Nidra relaxation for your whole body, with this restful and restorative practice… the peaceful visualisation nourishes your senses so you awake feeling peaceful and refreshed.
Research shows practising yoga nidra is the equivalent of 2-4 hours sleep, it is recommended to practice often (daily if possible) to receive the most benefit. You may enjoy the practice while resting or lying down feeding your baby.

This specialised practice has been created by Childbirth Educator & Pre-natal Yoga Teacher, Anna Watts, giving you simple tools to release stress and support the early days and weeks of motherhood, the fourth trimester.


During the yoga nidra you are invited to repeat a ‘sankalpa’ or ‘resolve’ three times mentally to yourself. This is an opportunity to focus on a positive affirmation you would like to create in your life. Repeating the resolve is like sowing the seed of an idea in the fertile ground of your relaxing body, this seed can then grow and blossom.

Sample Sankalpas for new mothers –

“I embrace my new role as a mother gently and receptively, trusting I am supported”

“I welcome my new baby and embrace my growing family joyfully”

“My heart is full, all the support I need is here for me now”

Please create your own sankalpa, it is often said your personal resolve will come to you, rather than you choosing it.