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ONLINE Holistic Birth Doula Training


Dive into our comprehensive online training course which covers a broad range of knowledge and skills needed to become a Birth Doula offering your support and experience to birthing women and families in your community.

We’ve poured our hearts and birthing knowledge into creating this wonderful collaboration with Bliss Baby Yoga, specialists in Feminine Yoga, including Prenatal & Postnatal Yoga Teacher Training, to bring you the combined doula wisdom and experience of Anna Watts (founder of Celebration of Birth), Nadine O’Mara (Bliss Baby Director) and Rosie Matheson (fertility, prenatal yoga & doula trainer).

For those keen to study with us at a distance, in your own time, we are excited to introduce our new ONLINE Birth Doula Training – see our full Curriculum below.

Find out more with our FREE preview including a downloadable Grounding & Balancing Meditation for Doulas audio

Ready to begin your doula journey?  Read more and ENROL here.

This Doula Training is accessible to everyone who is passionate about holistic support for birthing mothers and families, anywhere, all over the world, with audio and video recordings that can be accessed at anytime – either streamed, or download and listen on the go!

We also have an optional full certification bundle available including Live Online Mentoring (3 x live video calls with our highly experienced doula trainers). If you are intending to support births soon, this is an important module to consider. You can purchase these as a bundle HERE.

What our Online Doula students say –
“I have learnt more about the birth process and birth support than I ever have before. It gave me confidence in giving birth and also a greater understanding on how to support mothers. I am very grateful to have had this opportunity to learn from such wonderful leaders and experts in the doula and yoga space.”   
“I love the video classes and written resources. What I did find really useful were the tools such as active positions, acupressure points etc and the lists of what you can put in your bag, ideas for being useful in labour etc. I will draw on those resources again and again for ideas to help on a practical level.”     


Embody All Aspects of Birth with this holistic training program which covers the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual aspects of birthing. Highly experienced and supportive lead trainers, with over 50 years of combined experience in birth. Evidence based education including the Stages of Labour, Role of a Doula, Active Birth Support, Communication skills, Postpartum Support, Marketing, Establishing your Doula Business and more…


This course will take you approximately 30 hours to complete and includes a total of 9.5 hours of video footage and 6 hours of audio lessons as well as a comprehensive manual, 5 quizzes, journaling, reading and valuable self reflection exercises.

There are NO exams, simply immerse yourself in the comprehensive content, with recommended reading and links to relevant resources as you progress through the course.

Role of A Doula

Introductory Grounding Visualisation (audio 16:56)

The What is a Doula? (video 39.45)

Physiological Birth and the Stages of Labour

Lecture: Pre-labour, First Stage, Transition (video 45:27)

Lecture: 2nd Stage, Birth, Placenta & the Golden Hour (video 57:07)

Birthing & the Stages of Labour (video 55:23)

Lecture: Hormones of Pregnancy & Birth (video 40:14)

Medical Intervention

Lecture: What is Medical Intervention and the Cascade of Intervention? (video 59:53)

Gentle Caesarian Birth (video 27:15)

Practical: Active Birth

Positions for Labour (video 21:04)

Acupressure for Birth (video 10:51)

Hands on Massage for Birth (video 13:25)

Rebozo for Pregnancy & Birth (video 15:57)

Birth Stories 

Trish’s Birth Story (audio 32:17)

Abby’s Birth Story (audio 36:46)

Birth Plans (video 12:06)

Tools and Tips for Doulas

What’s in my Doula Bag (video 14:41)

Practical Tips for Doulas (video 37:34)

Communication Skills

Reflective and Active Listening (video 10:56)

Supporting Trauma and when to Refer (audio 49:14)

Postpartum Support 

Lecture: Breast Feeding Support (video 31:50)

Self Awareness/ Personal Growth for Doulas (audio 12:00)

Establishing Doula Practice/ Client Completion

Marketing & Finding Clients (video 13:54)

PRACTICAL: Connecting with the Soul of your Doula Business (video 20:04)

Doula Client Meetings and Saying Goodbye (audio 11:20)

Virtual Doula Support (video 5:49)

BONUS CONTENT! Mother Blessing/Blessing Way Circle (video 3:36 plus detailed guide in manual)

Course Completion

Imposter Syndrome (video 2:17)

Where to next? (video 3:28)

NB The Doula Certification Module is an extra level of study not listed above and includes 3 live one to one video calls, with mentoring support as you step into the ‘hands-on’ aspect of becoming a doula with the required attendance at 3 trainee births, and attending a childbirth education class/course.

View a SNEAK PEAK of our Online Doula training platform – click HERE to view.