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Doula Feedback


“I highly recommend the Celebration of Birth Doula Training with Anna Watts who has years of knowledge and much passion for birthing consciously. So if you have any desire to support birthing women, this is a well rounded and wholistic training”

Emma Grant, Director, Red Tent Yoga

“I highly recommend this training to anyone that is feeling called to be a Doula!! This training is beautifully facilitated by Anna…. through her experience as a Doula and a Childbirth Educator, she shares the wisdom one needs to receive to become a confident, supportive and beautiful Doula.”

Natasha Hain, Pre-natal Yoga Teacher & Doula

“Felt and still feel deeply inspired.  Enriched. Nourished on a soul level.  On a professional development level, my passion for the sacred feminine and working with women has been reaffirmed and ignited on a spiritual, emotional and experiential level.  I do feel empowered to start attending and supporting at births.”

Lauren Realph, Pre-natal Yoga Teacher

“Sisterhood, Connection, Support, Sacred Feminine, Conscious Birthing, Spiritual Essence of Birth, Dedication to Women.  Thank you for your inspiration Anna Watts, you are holding space so gracefully.  This training has confirmed my dedication around conscious birthing and supporting women on their pregnancy, birth and post-natal journey.  Raising world consciousness one birth at a time.”

Cecile Colares, Massage Therapist & Pre-natal Yoga Teacher

“The training exceeded my expectations in the holistic and spiritual approach to being a doula.  As a woman without children, I found the topics around possibilities (e.g. medical interventions) very helpful information I will definitely need to know.  Such a great training and exploration.  Thank you”

Veronica Clarke, Artist & Doula

“I thoroughly enjoyed Anna’s gentle, knowledgeable, heart-centred teaching style.  We began each day by connecting with ourselves and one another with a guided meditation.  For me, this enhanced the spirit work which I feel is an important part of the birthing process that is not often taught.  I would highly recommend this course for any woman (or man) who wishes to connect with themselves, and take a step forward in assisting women, their partners and babies on this very sacred journey of pregnancy, birth and post-partum.  This was an experience I will never forget!  The beautiful, private Byron Bay location was the perfect setting for this 4 day immersion.  I felt like I was on retreat!  I feel fulfilled, passionate and excited to move forward from here knowing I have my own special gifts to share.  Thank you Anna!  I am grateful for what you offer your community.”

Jasmin Wickham, Gold Coast

“I feel complete, opened up to so many facets of what being a doula really is… it was beyond my expectations.  Having the deep spiritual side reached into was not what I expected, yet so welcomed.” 

Deborah Heaysman, Pre-natal Yoga Teacher

“I was awakened to spiritual healing journeys and found the essence of conscious, spiritual birthing most valuable”

Skype, Doula & Mother of 10 children

“I feel inspired, a sense of healing and confident in working towards becoming a doula.  This course is more than just “training” in a way it has been deep preparation for the next stage of my life journey.”

Layla Tan, Doula

“I found the personal processes that tapped into each individual’s journey, strengths, fears, most valuable.  I feel this is the most important thing to prepare you to hold space for others. The course was everything I hoped for, there was the right amount of theory and a perfect balance of content.”

Eleanor Amiradaki, Experienced Doula attending as a Refresher

“Great for a Doula Refresher, for new Doulas-to-be and also anyone who works with pregnant women and would like more awareness and understanding of the sacredness of birth and how to be with a woman and her partner on their journey.”

Larita Lara, Doula, Birthing from Within Educator

 “Anna Watts is one of our most beloved Bliss Baby Yoga Teachers.  Her deeply intuitive, motherly-wisdom, love and passion shine through during her lectures.” 

Ana Davis, Founder, Bliss Baby Yoga

“I feel empowered, lighter, grounded, reaffirmed.  I enjoyed learning face-to-face, the different learning styles, the spirituality.  Thank you so much for your light and depth of knowledge”

Sally Moss, Doula