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The Doula Path – Unexpected Healing for Caesarean Birth

By March 28, 2016December 11th, 2020News

“I have now seen with my own eyes the confirmation of my deepest, ancient knowing and I am forever changed and blessed by these amazing women, their stories, our journey and the welcoming of these beautiful babies.”

Becoming a doula requires much more than a thorough understanding and knowledge of birth; it calls for the commitment to personal discovery and inner work to find your innate ‘doula gifts’ – the natural supportive qualities you bring to the birth room.  If you have children of your own, you may recall and draw upon the things which supported you at the time of birth, even though you recognise the uniqueness of every mother and every labour and understand the importance of leaving your own experiences ‘at the door’.

What if your own babies were all born by caesarean section?  How can you find the skills needed to support a mother through the natural birth process?  In this inspiring story doula, Jade Morgan of Expansion Doula & Massage, shares her unexpected story of growth and healing…

“My own three babies were born by cesarean section.  I received such incredible growth following the births of my three children, now 14, 13 and 5 years, but my own healing has come through attending the births of three beatiful women this year as a doula.  I am forever grateful to these women for sharing their sacred space with me.

My first c-section was after a ‘non-progressive’ labour and the ‘cascade of interventions’.  At 18 years of age, I was filled with fear, overwhelmed and emotionally unsupported, in a relationship with my high school sweetheart, who was terrified of becoming a Daddy.  I had no real relationship with my own Mother at the time.  I felt as though I did not have a voice and I suffered post-natal depression following the birth.  My baby became my world, however my relationship became more imbalanced than ever and tensions were high.

We fell pregnant with our second daughter only 8 months later (she is a miracle as it was rare for us to like each other much at the time).  I drew on the strength I believed all women have, sheer instinct and determination during ten and a half self-empowered hours of uninterrupted beautiful labour.  I was ‘encouraged very strongly’ to have a caesarean for possible placental abruption after an examination at 5.5cms dilation, with the single symptom being some blood staining in my naturally broken waters.  This interjection created fear in me that was previously only strength and, with guilt of the worst case scenarios being forced down my throat, I had my second ’emergency’ caesarean, which turns out was not conclusive or necessary.

My third birth was seven years later, after meeting the love of my life, with our son.  We found out on honeymoom that we were pregnant and in our local area VBACs (Vaginal Birth After Caesarean) after two caesareans are not supported (at the hospitals).  So our son was born by elective c-section at 38.5 weeks, beautifully cooked and absolutely perfect.

Since completing my Celebration of Birth Doula Training, I have been blessed to attend three births this year alone – I am still in awe that I get to say that!  I supported the birth of one of my oldest and best friends, who I call a sister.  Her son was born after a beautiful sun rise over the sea on Winter Solstice, weighing a perfect 9.25 pounds.  Her labour was supported by myself and her mother.  Her strength was phenomenal and immeasurable!  Her sheer will overcoming momentary circumstance.  She rose, my sister, beyond her body and mind, her spirit was determined and her heart was full of welcoming love for her son.  Her grace was profound!

I am forever grateful for the witnessing of this sacred moment.  The love they share is a sacred connection I recognise with the birth of my own children and the gratitude I feel for my dear friend is sisterhood, connectedness, all that is and ever was.

Next, I was blessed to attend the second birth of a young lady who I knew from a previous calling in empowering youth.  I have never before seen someone bestow such a dismissal of physical pain as this strong and determined mama.  Her support team consisted of myself, her midwife and a female friend.

This young woman birthed her baby squatting over a towel on the floor and her baby girl reached a hand out to hold as I massaged mum’s back before her body was born.  I watched them together in awe of them both.  As her beautiful baby girl began to suckle at the breast, the connection sealed their union as mother and daughter.  I am so blessed to have witnessed this strength and determination, so sure of her own capabilities and not one complaint, simply acceptance for what is!

The third birth I attended this year was a woman referred to me by a friend, this is the biggest compliment I have ever received!  This mother welcomed her baby girl with a full heart and her partner and I as support.  She was so loving with him, the room was flowing and beating with its own beautiful rhythm.  Their baby was born in shock after a fast paced and primal labour and required some extra attention from the hospital team, even so bub’s strength was visible to me in a way I cannot describe.

I am grateful to this family for inviting me into their sacred space of birth and I walk away from the experience with a humble and full heart.  I am blessed to have been welcomed so fully by the partner and father; his openness, honesty and vulnerability has touched my heart.  This family received great healing and empowerment through birth and the mother trusted herself, her baby and her team unconditionally, creating a beautiful rhythm to welcome the dance of new life.

I have now seen with my own eyes the confirmation of my deepest, ancient knowing and I am forever changed and blessed by these three amazing women, their stories, our journey and the welcoming of these three beautiful babies.

I feel so much gratitude for the honour of being a mother myself, and supporting other women in their journeys to birthing their children and rebirthing themselves.”

Jade signs off her story with the words – SURRENDER – FAITH – LOVE – in birth and beyond.  Jade can be contacted through her Facebook page – Expansion Doula and Massage

If you feel inspired to support birth as a sacred rite of passage, the Celebration of Birth Doula Training offers an holistic approach to learning the necessary skills, as well as the safe space to explore and heal your own beliefs and experiences of birth in preparation for offering support to birthing women and their families.

Anna Watts is a Sacred Birth Educator, Doula Trainer, Counsellor and Spiritual Healer.  She offers regular Sacred Birth & Doula Trainings for both new and experienced Doulas to explore birth as a journey of transformation and healing.  Please visit the website for dates and information about her personal sessions for Healing Traumatic Birth via Skype anywhere in the world –