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The Healing Vibration of Essential Oils in Labour

By December 15, 2015December 11th, 2020News

Recently there has been a revival of the use of essential oils for labour and birth.  When I first began doula-ing 25 years ago, we always carried our trusty lavender and/or geranium oil in a spray bottle to relax the labouring mother and refresh the birth room.  Nowadays, there are many different high quality oils to choose from, so what makes these oils so effective?

It’s all in the vibrational frequency of the plants which provide the essential oils. Put simply your body and everything in your environment is constantly in motion, and the trillions of tiny cells continuously emit a vibrational frequency. This frequency can decrease in your body if you are

stressed, have an illness or a health crisis, such as cancer.

Essential oils, meditation and classical music are some examples of ways to raise the vibrational frequency. When our cells vibrate at the highest frequency it allows us to reach our true potential or spiritual enlightenment.

Essential oils and natural birth advocate, Krystle Gallard, has recently experienced the blissful water birth of her second child using essential oils, here she shares her birth story and suggestions for labour –

“Our little faerie Elle Ruby was born 5th September 2015, a painless water birth. I can wholeheartedly say that using Essential Oils throughout my pregnancy, labour and now postnatal care had a profound effect on how well I kept, felt in control during my labour and now they are supporting me emotionally during this postnatal period.”

Whisper – for feminine empowerment and to calm any anxiety/stress in the lead up to our due date

“Around 38 weeks I began using Whisper every day as a perfume, Whisper has Rose Oil in it and the vibrational frequency is the same as hearing a Mozart composure- 320mHz. I started to feel things changing and began having braxton hicks contractions which I did not experience in my previous pregnancy. On the Thursday before Elle was born I decided I couldn’t stand the smell of Whisper. At 2am Friday morning I felt my first contraction, 5am waters broke. By Friday night all I wanted to smell was Whisper again! So funny”

Wild Orange – creates a safe environment, encourages surrender to the birthing process

“By 3am Friday night I am in established labour. We have our sacred space set up – my birth art on the walls, lights off, candles, music, and Wild Orange in the diffuser and in my water. I stood in front of the diffuser smelling the uplifting nodes of orange, it made my heart truly sing! It is one of my favourite aromas! I can honestly say I had NO anxiety or fear at all once this space was created, my support people were honouring the sacred space too.”

Peppermint, Helicrysum, Clary Sage – for pain relief, endurance, confidence and to strengthen contractions as a massage blend with sweet almond oil

“I can remember the Peppermint feeling so cooling across my lower back, smelling it lit my brain up giving me alertness. By the time I drifted into “labour land” that beautiful ‘gap’ between heaven and earth, where you are not conscious but you are, where time is nonexistent – I felt in control of each sensation, I had an amazing midwife who got me into a great breathing rhythm and from there I knew baby wasn’t far away.”

Clary Sage – to get things moving

“Under the running water of the shower I needed to get things moving a little more so I applied Clary Sage neat over my abdomen and across my brow. The warmth of the clary sage felt nice on my abdomen, as I applied it across my brow I connected to the divine- asking to be her vessel for this gorgeous being to be born. I felt my body, heart and soul open up and within a few more contractions I was ready to deliver my baby.”

Lavender and Magnesium Salts – for muscle relaxation

“Into the bath I jumped, it was filled with lavender and magnesium salts. Three contractions later I delivered Elle, as I lifted her out of the water her gorgeous big eyes opened and stared into mine. Is there anything more beautiful than what we just experienced? Absolute Divine magic! How spectacular are our bodies?! She amazed me that she basically birthed herself! No hands down there turning her shoulders or telling me to push and now stop! And pant! Just amazing surrender and trust!”

Our Postnatal Care

Balance, Wild Orange – for grounding and uplifting.

I applied Balance to my feet for the first few days as it is quickly absorbed this way and drank drops of Wild Orange in my water.

Lavender – ahh this has been the best!

For cracked nipples and blisters from Elle having a Tongue Tie. I rubbed breastmilk over my nipples and put a drop of lavender on my hands and patted it onto boobs. For Elle, after her TT correction I had to feed her immediately as she was very distressed, I used lavender across my chest and had it on my hands, this is very calming for her whenever she is upset.

Frankincense – healing for any areas that feel swollen.

I used topically on breasts when milk came in and they felt engorged.

Elevation – just as its name to ‘elevate’ your mood.

Used in the diffuser, it was perfect for those day 3 blues.

Thank you for the opportunity to share with you, I can only dream that another can have as magical experience with the oils as I did!

Krystle from A Place of Health, is a DoTerra Essential Oils consultant, Pilates instructor and mother to two beautiful children.

Anna Watts is a Sacred Birth Educator, Doula Trainer, Counsellor and Spiritual Healer.  She offers regular Sacred Birth & Doula Trainings for both new and practising Doulas to explore birth as a journey of transformation and healing.